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Investigating Geopolitical Impact on Prices | Cindicator Insight Challenge

In case you don't know me, I am a Hong Kong-based trader who trades upon the influence of geopolitical events on the financial market for a living. Not your typical technical analysis, nor your typical fundamental analysis. Normally I am quite successful in predicting the outcomes of events and thus the direction(s) of market movements, but I never bothered with estimating magnitude - until Cindicator (CND).

Cindicator is a fintech company that uses Hybrid Intelligence, that is combining human input and A.I., to predict market movements. As an analyst with Cindicator, which you can sign up for free, you get a share of a monthly reward when you make accurate forecasts. This month, the shared bonus is 1.25BTC for crypto forecast and US$7,500 for traditional market.

With Cindicator (and their incentives), now I got an excuse a reason to hone in on my magnitude-estimation skill whereas normally I'd hold an instrument for a certain period of time and then I'd liquidate it rega…