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Turkey Coup Aftermath

Conspiracy theories have been cropping up all over that the recent military coup in Turkey might have been staged by President Erdoğan and/or his allies. It is foregone conclusion that they are capable of such acts. They started the current war on Kurds for suppressing their protest against an ISIL attack in Suruç that killed 33 Kurds, just to force their votes during the 2015 re-election. Further back you have the Ergenekon and Balyoz plots, false flag operations that devastated the military command with the possible involvement of Gülenist - former ally of President Erdoğan, also recently a "terrorist group" as designated by the Turkish government... that promotes peace and democracy. Whether the Turkish government staged the coup or not is of little relevance now. What matters is the immediate repercussions that would impact the lives of Turks, especially their elites, now that the coup has failed. Within hours of the coup, 2,745 judges have been dismisses and hundreds ar…